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About A Women’s Work (AWW)

A Women’s Work (AWW) is a non-profit organization that supports women in the construction trades by providing and exposing them to training opportunities, mentor and self-esteem building programs and entrepreneurship.

Skilled trades career journey

Trainees embark on their journey of independence and economic stability here, taking a look at the historical background, installation processes, career and entrepreneurial opportunities that exist within multiple trades.

Trades culture

Tools & Equipment Series: The Saw

Tools & Equipment Series: Drills, Bits & Blades

Pre-apprenticeship and Co-op apprenticeship



AWW’s Tool & Equipment Series

THE SAW training session focuses on educating students on how to operate the tools and equipment that assist in creating a successful construction and renovation project.

Our belief is that understanding how to work these tools and where best to utilize them is a very important piece of the construct puzzle.

Problems faced in the industry

Lack of women in the construction industry

Lack of involvement from local and national construction companies

Lack of available trade persons in certain trades

Lack of industry knowledge

Gender bias narratives

AWW Programs

AWW’s FCC program stands for Foundation Compulsory Courses.

The FCC program is an in-depth introduction program to the construction industry and the skilled trades.

Through the FCC program, students will be given an opportunity to learn about construction trades through hands-on class exercises, virtual reality learning and traditional in-class training.

The FCC program has been developed to give students an understanding of the industry so that they can decide whether a career in the construction trades is right for them.

By introducing students to the tools, employment opportunities, entrepreneurship opportunities that exist in this multi-billion dollar industry, students will have a firm grasp on their career as they move on to AWW’s pre-apprenticeship program courses and eventual career placement.

Starting on July 03rd, 2024

AWW FCC Program

All of AWW’s Foundation Compulsory Courses

All levels

16 weeks


Coming soon

VERT Construct

Sustainable construction and environmentally conscious building practices


16 weeks


Student Services

What is Pre-Apprenticeship Training?

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